SURFACE 10 ACTIVITY aka SURFACE 10 - Hopelessly infested with an endless desire to translate the abstract into discernible music, Dean De Benedictis, aka Surface 10 (also known as Surface 10 Activity) keeps his head submerged in the 'techo-logical' plasma pool, while being drenched in a virtual stigmata of echoes from his vintage music interests and tendencies towards their homage.

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Ever since Dean's project, Surface 10, debuted on Hypnotic Records in the 90s, it has served as Dean's most logical excuse to infuse emotional melodies with technologically-exhibitionistic music methodology. Lingering on a style template, within the last few years, that some refer to as "IDM" or "Glitch" (experimental electronica), Surface 10 has lost and gained variations of fan bases, a stability he was reluctantly willing to sacrifice for his creative freedom and relished unpredictability. Get the complete history here, or, the complete discography here.... or go forward to new CD releases ---->

FATELESS MUSIC is a small record label for the projects of Dean De Benedictis; it is not to be confused with THE FATELESS FLOWS COLLECTIVE (<< go there), which is a soverein group of musicians.