Dean's music, among other mediums, is the result of his will to tie an essential common thread together between opposing genres and mentalities, as well as draw from them a natural sense of emotion, expanse and mystery. This Southern California-based producer / performer / musician / visual and conceptual artist (otherwise known to the electronic/ambient community as Surface 10 or as Surface 10 Activity) has always utilized his interest in a variety of styles and cultures to enrich the quality of his musical expression. Beginning his deep exploration of music in the 80's, De Benedictis covered a wide gamut of musical experience; moving through many jazz fusion and progressive rock bands, music theory classes, and producing/performing source music for network television over 12 years of his career.

Like many other artists, much of De Benedictis's non-commercial (personal) music was composed as a dedication and utility for his own life experiences; one example is how many of his pieces were actually created to carry with him and listen to at specific locations (deserts, canyons, jungles, mountain regions, coastal regions, and unpopular-unpopulated areas), thus perminently marking the region with the music in his memory. He dedicates his work to people, places, memories, etc., and aspires to communicate and suggest a similar functionality for the experiences of his audience. Continue --->